APL Hofstetter and the environment

APL Hofstetter want to keep the balance right in terms of protection of the environment and place a great deal of value on preserving resources.

In order to fulfill the own high requirements. APL Hofstetter has developed a comprehensive environment management system. This corresponds to the requirements of the international standard 14001:2015; and also conform to the EU Directives 2002/95/EC (RoHS), 2002/96/EC (WEEE), 2003/11/EC, and 2000/53/EC.

Energy efficiency through intelligent building and plant infrastructure so as an entirely biological sewage cleaning system based on anaerobic-anoxic micro organisms are just some examples of understanding environmental and resource protection.

In recognition of activities APL Hofstetter received an award in the framework of the "Umweltpreis für Unternehmen 2008" [Environment Award for Companies 2008] from the Baden Württemburg Ministry of the Environment. The company able to achieve placement in the TOP TEN in the Service category and received a distinction from the State Environmental Minister Tanja Gönner.

Environmental protection – this is something what people just talk about. As a company specifically depending on these resources. APL Hofstetter is environmentally aware of the responsibility and act on it respectively.