Hofstetter PCB AG takes over APL Oberflächentechnik GmbH

Hofstetter PCB AG successfully completed the acquisition of APL Oberflächentechnik GmbH in Lörrach in compliance with the succession regulation. On September 29, 2017, the wholly-owned subsidiary APL Hofstetter PCB GmbH will...[more]


Tin layer change by storage/ thermal stress

In chemical tin coating surfaces everyone speaks of diffusion layers. But what are diffusion layers anyway?Diffusion layers is Intermetallic phases which form is a direct function of time and temperature at the phase boundary of...[more]


Resource-saving rework of printed circuit boards

The last step of manufacturing pcbs is to coat the surface finish. The surface finish prevents oxidation of the copper of the pcbs, which ensures a following processing actions of the pcbs (e.g. soldering, bonding, contacting or...[more]



On 08.  and 09. May 2015 we have passed once again the recertification of our existing quality and environmental system (ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004) without any defects. The auditor suggested 4 points for our future...[more]


A NEW process for OLD ENIG/ENEPIG pcbs!

It is not unusual to have overlaid, bad solderable ENIG/ENEPIG pcbs in circulation out in the industry. APL can help to “rescue” those pcbs and it is not necessary to replate a new Au layer on top of the surface. The simplified...[more]


Solderability after real time storage

2x reflow- and 1x wave soldering of 1/2 year stored printed circuit boards with a 0,8 µm smarttin®-layer – is that at all possible? In the „General_Requirements_smarttin®" APL guarantees a third soldering process...[more]



APL congratulates Dirk Kaschel to the successfully completed examination. IPC-A-600H certified IPC specialist [more]