A NEW process for OLD ENIG/ENEPIG pcbs!

It is not unusual to have overlaid, bad solderable ENIG/ENEPIG pcbs in circulation out in the industry. APL can help to “rescue” those pcbs and it is not necessary to replate a new Au layer on top of the surface. The simplified FinalClean process permits the treatment to be accomplished in horizontal mode of equip­ment. The cleaning module contains sulfuric acid and a special solution which is called Aurotech FinalClean. These two components will ensure a perfect cleaning of the pcb surface. To demonstrate the good cleaning result pcbs (DC 4299) were soldered before and after the FinalClean process. The pcbs were stored in a cabinet without any packaging and special climatic conditions.

15 year old pcbs (DC4299) were soldered

The figures above show improvement of soldering on 15 year old pcbs. The results of analytical tests confirm the solder results in technological way. XPS were made before and after FinalClean.

The x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy shows a significant reduction of Ni and O which approves the FinalClean operation mode. Nickeloxyd will be removed by the FinalClean process. This leads to a higher amount of gold on the surface after the FinalClean Elements like N, S and Si leached out of the shrink-wrap foil.

Autor Frau Nadine Schmidt

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