Christmas Greetings from APL

We remain the same   -   donations instead of senseless gifts

This year we have joined forces in regional refugee aid and supported an organization which is helping people in need.

"Maulburg hilft" has already done a great deal since the organization was founded in 2015, in providing a safe home to the people who come to us and an opportunity for integration.

Looking around - even in your environment you can do a lot with little - and you will be amazed how much you get back!

                     "Everyone has the chance to improve at least part 
                      of the world, namely himself"
                      (Paul de Legarde, 1827 -1891, German cultural philosopher)

Thank you very much for the good cooperation in the current year.

For the upcoming Christmas holidays, I wish you and your family a relaxing time with your loved ones and a good start to the year 2017.

Kind regards,

Walter Tastl