Which kind of pcbs can be cleaned?

The FinalClean process works only for ENIG (electroless nickel/ immersion gold) and ENEPIG (electroless nickel/ electroless palladium/ immersion gold) pcbs.

How fast can APL Hofstetter handle FinalClean orders?

In general, depending on the batch size, goods which are delivered to APL Hofstetter up to around 9 a.m. are processed on the same day, depending the logistic is accurately defined. In very urgent cases, the goods can be delivered by courier after prior consultation and the appropriate application. We like to schedule a time frame so that the courier can take back the express orders after a waiting time.

How does APL Hofstetter deliver goods?

APL Hofstetter uses all the usual package services (UPS, DHL, DPD, FedEx, etc.) depending on the customers requirements. UPS and Dachser are the companies own regular providers. If so required, the special conditions given to APL Hofstetter can be used.

How are pcbs packaged after FinalClean at APL Hofstetter?

Pcbs up to a size of ca. 400 mm x 400 mm are packaged in environmentally friendly PP shrink wrap and possibly tissue paper. Larger formats are usually already delivered in special transport racks or trays. APL Hofstetter generally uses the original packaging. Special packaging requirements can be considered (environmentally neutral packaging, labeling, etc.)

What processing time is guaranteed by APL Hofstetter for FinalClean?

In the FinalClean process removes oxide layers on the pcb. For longer storage of pcbs, this oxide layer arise again, so it is advisable to process the pcb contemporary after the FinalClean process.

What surface contamination is measured after FinalClean processing on the pcbs?

Depending on the solder resist mask used in addition to how it has been processed values of <0.5 µg/cm² NaCl-Equivalent have been measured in practice. 1.56 µg/cm² NaCl-Equivalent (in dependence on IPC4552) is regarded as the upper limit.

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