The FinalClean process

FinalClean is accomplished in horizontal mode. The Aurotech FinalClean processing chemistry by Atotech provides the basis here. The composite of Aurotech FinalClean and sulfuric acid will dissolve nickeloxyd on top of the pcbs gold layer. After dissolving the pcbs will be rinsed in a 4 step DI-Water cascade which lead to an excellent cleaning result. Afterwards the pcbs will be dried in a horizontal way.

The cleaning process activates the surface of the pcbs again and it is possible to solder the pcbs again.

FinalClean process benefits

The FinalClean process shows a lot of technological, environmental and economic benefits:

•  gold does not have to be stripped from the pcb surface which avoids
   chemistry waste
  cost efficient because of shorter process in compare to a new nickel and
   gold plating process
•  high effective process
•  success rate >95%
•  the stress to base-material and soldermask is very low
•  the existing pcbs can be reused, there is no need to order new pcbs
•  if needed APL Hofstetter will support an express delivery

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