FinalClean is a new process for cleaning and activating ENIG (electroless nickel/ immersion gold) and ENEPIG (electroless nickel/ electroless palladium/ immersion gold) pcb surfaces. The FinalClean process is used for surfaces which show bad solderability, it is also used for overlaid pcbs. The simplified process permits the treatment to be accomplished in horizontal mode of equipment.

Using this special cleaning step following problems will be eliminated:

·           high contamination values >1.56 µg/cm² NaCl-Equivalent
            (in dependence on IPC 4552/3.6)
·           bad solderability
·           wetting problems
·           negative bonding characteristics
·           general surface contamination, e.g. rinsing residues from production

After cleaning and drying, the panels will be repacked and delivered according to the customer’s requirements. A test report on ionogenic contamination before and after cleaning will be enclosed.

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