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FinalClean is a process for cleaning printed circuit boards (pcbs) after cutting and milling those. The FinalClean process is used for ENIG (electroless nickel/ immersion gold) and ENEPIG (electroless nickel/ electroless palladium/ immersion gold) surfaces which show bad solderability. It is also used for overlaid ENIG/ ENEPIG pcbs. The simplified process permits the treatment to be accomplished in horizontal mode of equipment.

Using this special cleaning step following problems will be eliminated:

• high contamination values >1.56 µg/cm² NaCl-Equivalent
   (in dependence on IPC4552/3.6)
• bad solderability
• wetting problems
• general surface contamination, e.g. rinsing residues from production

After cleaning and drying, the panels will be repacked and delivered according to the customer’s requirements. A test report on ionogenic contamination before and after cleaning will be enclosed.

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