Immersion Tin (iSn)

The chemical tin surface is the result of nearly 20 years of chemical know-how, special equipment, process technology and reliable process chemistry by ATOTECH.

Commonly APL Hofstetter offers immersion tin layers between 0.8 µm up to a maximum of 1.2 µm layer thickness. APL Hofstetter will gladly help you to find the right layer thickness depending on the further applications.

Immersion tin provides an expansive processing guarantee for a storage period of 12 months (layer density of 1.0 µm; cpk = 1.333) or 6 months (layer thickness of 0.8 µm; cpk = 1.333).

External analysis confirm the best corrosion resistance of our immersion tin in compare to all other available surface coatings on the market. 

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