Stock concept

The trend of having pcbs produced in low-wage countries is constant. APL Hofstetter can see an increase number of faulty solderable pcbs. Those pcbs do not fulfill the required mounting and soldering standards which are demanded by the electronics branch.

At this point APL Hofstetter trusts in his know-how. Once the pcbs have been delivered at APL Hofstetter, these will be stored before processing. It is possible to store pcbs with a copper surface and also already coated pcbs. The coating must be immersion tin, electroless nickel/ immersion gold (ENIG) or electroless nickel/ electroless palladium/ immersion gold (ENEPIG). Pcbs with a copper surface will be used for the following smarttinĀ® process. Already coated pcbs can be reworked at APL Hofstetter to bring the boards back into an optimal solderable condition. Immersion tin boards can be refresht (tin on tin), ENIG or ENEPIG pcbs can be treated with the FinalClean process to clean and activate the surface finish for another following solder step.

Thereby a safety buffer occurs, which procures a convenience of a fast response time. APL Hofstetter ensures a high quality soldering surface on the assembly lines "just in time".